Spell and Speak is an early learning word recgnition programme designed to encourage students to interact as they learn and so develop their self-confidence during the process.
To ensure proper functioning your computer should have the latest version of the Google Chrome browser fitted. To get a FREE download of Chrome from the official Google website click here.


As the student moves the cursor over the text the individual word will be highlighted. A left click on this word will bring up the speech screen. To familiarise the student with capital letters the word is shown at top of the page with the first letter as a capital. Here clicking on the start button will result in the word being spoken spelt out and spoken again. To repeat this action press the start button again.
To show recognition of the word a student should click on the Microphone icon and then follow instruction.
To spell the word a student should click on the empty textbox and then spell the word using the keyboard letters. When finished they should click the "Done" button and follow instructions.
To return to the text screen click on the return button.
To report a fault, comment or suggest an improvement to the programme Send E Mail

To open prgramme click here
To download program click here